Monday, March 31, 2014

Negative and Positive Energies in People

People on our planet create a huge amount of energy. This energy is expressed in a form of aura, which is in contact with everything that goes around us. People, objects and animals have got their energy fields.

How does a negative or  a positive energy affect our lives?
To find out this, let us first to determine how both of them are created. Everything we do think or intend raises emotions either positive or negative. For example, if your bad attitude to a person arose a negative feeling about it, hence causing a bad emotion for that person, a negative energy vibration is a guarantee. Not only you will be affected by this vibration, but also animals, plants or objects surrounding you. This is a bright example, how a negative energy can pass from one person to the other one.
It is obvious that the negative energy is accompanied with bad moods and emotions, bad health conditions, lack of creativity, stresses, fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, selfishness, and many more. While, in the case of positive energy, everything is just the opposite; one is full of positive energy to transfer love, light, and positive energy to the others, and, first of all, to himself.

As mentioned above, the energy, either positive or negative, spreads around like vibration; hence the negative energy is not something individual. One of the important things people should keep in mind is that, the vibration of a negative energy in people (who are in pain, or suffer) located in a particular part of the world, will be transferred to the whole planet. All of us are a source of energy; we stand on the ground and our energy penetrates into the ground to meet the energy of someone else.
People on the globe are connected by invisible ropes. The earth keeps us aware that, in some other part of the world, a nation is suffering famine or war. This energy, in the form of aura is spreading around and reaching us. This is how we intuitively get to know that our neighbors are in bad conditions. The environment you live has a crucial role in affecting you positively or negatively. For example, if there are people around you, who continuously spread a negative energy by their thoughts and actions, one thing is obvious, that you will be soon affected by this energy (consciously or subconsciously). Sometimes one may get sick or will lack a life energy without any reason. This is explained by the fact that people carrying negative thoughts or actions tend to transfer the negative vibration to us unconsciously. We, in our turn, take that vibration on us and are infected with the bad energy. It is not by chance that it is highly recommended to keep the company of those people who are a source of positive energy.

The more you get involved with the invisible world of energy, the more aware you will be about yourself. This awareness will help you to change your life and to experience self healing and a conscious spiritual life.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Going to Bed With Your Makeup On?

Sometimes it happens that you go to bed without removing your makeup. It can be the end of a busy day, or you wanted to impress your partner; you should keep in mind that we wear a makeup to look beautiful, which will turn into the opposite effect when not removed. It is important to be careful not to make this a bad habit of yours. To sleep with makeup on, is one of the biggest beauty mistakes. Learn more by reading the article further.

During the day, our skin gets dirty because of environmental pollution. As a result, the small pores on the skin of the face are stuck with dirt, which forbids them to breath. Consequently, this leads to complexion problems. Moreover, those tiny pores produce sebum, natural moisture that protects the skin. Once you keep your skin covered with a makeup product for a long time, you decrease the amount of sebum produced. As a result, the skin is deprived of sweating and breathing; pimples are on the way to appear on your face.

 A special care should be taken about eyes as well; the makeup products will cause blackheads, contact irritation and red eyes. Another undesired effect is that the possibility of getting your eyes infected is quite high. Besides, your eyelashes will be free of the old and sticky mascara from the previous day; that is a guarantee of clump free looking eyelashes. In case of the latter, it’s urgent turning to the doctor.

While you sleep with your makeup on, the dirt and the oil on your face transfers to your pillow. So, your pillow becomes a source of living bacteria, with which your skin will be in contact until you change the pillow case (we hardly change it every day). As a result, your skin gets irritated and tends to have pimples on.

For your convenience, you may have always a makeup cleansing product bedside; you ensure your makeup removal every day. But here comes the fuss – which cleansing product to choose – creams or lotions, gels or pads, and many more. To cure the skin of the face from the damage caused by makeup products and the dirt, one needs to make the right choice of a facial cleanser which is a guarantee of a healthy ad young face.
To start from the right point, first of all, you need to find out the type of your face, which can be normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive. Once you have determined the basic type of your skin (the types mentioned above), it’s already time to search for the best facial cleanser for your face.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Important Remarks Before You Exercise

Regular exercise is a good habit to keep being healthy and fit. It’s a common question among people who exercise regularly or not, who want to find the answer to this so simple and so confusing question.

First of all, it is important to take your age into consideration. If you are in your twenties, it may still be recommended to work out every day, depending on how you divide the type of exercise you do every day. It goes beyond saying that one shouldn't exercise the same muscle every day, as it needs time to relax. Otherwise, that over-trained muscle will get damaged easily. For those under fifty and more, it is recommended to avoid exercising with high intensity every day. Accordingly, before you make your mind up to exercise every day, read the useful information on that regard below.

As mentioned above, one cannot exercise his or her muscle every day. If you are a beginner, you should take care that the whole of your body is trained three times during the week. After the soreness of the body has vanished, start training the upper part of the body. The second day you should train the lower body. Take a day off to let the muscles rest, which will help you to avoid injury.

Save growth hormones for the body. These hormones are produced if you sleep well and sleep enough (six hours at least). During the time, you sleep your body recovers and repairs traumas of the muscles from yesterday. The condition of your room contributes in your good slumber; keep your room dark and cool.

You shouldn't exercise with an empty stomach. One needs fuel (food) for exercising 
intensely as the metabolism in the body revs up forty five hours later (after you have finished exercising), and it is this time when one experiences the greatest fat burning effect. This will even make the weight loss even longer and harder.

Find out your goal of attending the gym. Sometimes we see someone is doing a certain exercise, and it is so cool! Sure, it is cool when the person knows his goal of exercising, but it doesn't mean yet that your goals coincide. For example, women do leg presses to make them smaller without realizing that they are making the legs even bigger.
Sometimes you will be recommended not to drink water during the exercise. This is extremely wrong; when you are exercising the body starts to heat during which the metabolism is increased. If you skip the option of using enough fluids, the body gets dehydrogenated and starts to conserve it. As a result, you will not sweat as much as needed and consequently, your body will lack enough heat.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Key Ways to Find Your Own Style

The shops and fashion shows full of the latest trends are often confusing to find our own style. What is fashionable for the season or for the year does not determine your personal style yet. One should have the sense of his or her own style to choose clothes, haircut in a perfect way. There is no need to panic, as with simple and key ways it is possible to find out for you the personal style that fit you most. The article will indicate some of those basic steps you should take to feel confident and fashionable with the style choices you make.

The secret of being stylish and gorgeous is not about following all the fashion shows and brands to keep up with the latest trends; it is about matching the fashion to your own sense of style. To have own style, one does not need to follow any season or any trend, as it comes from within. Find out for yourself who you are or who you want to be, instead of being someone else. The answer to those questions will help you to be firm on what you want, gradually increasing your self-confidence and the belief in yourself. Most of the time it is easier to say, than to act; so, there are key steps to take for achieving your goal of looking both fashionable and fabulous.

Step 1. Check your wardrobe for the clothes you wear and vice verse. Most probably you will make a huge pile of clothes that you wear a couple of times during the year. Get rid of those clothes that can hardly inspire you when you are standing in front of the wardrobe with a sense that you do not have any clothes. Instead, fill your wardrobe with good choices by, for example, buying catchy pieces of cloths having a good quality.
Step 2. Erase your memories of your favorite clothes which are hanging in your closet for the 90s. It’s a good idea to pass them for a second hand use or to donate them an organization which will take care for the people in need of clothes to get your item and feel happy.

Step 3. Do not be a fashion slave; if the red mini skirt suits someone and it is a trend in fashion, it doesn't mean yet that it’s the same with you. Try to find the right way of being fashionable and stylish by keeping your personal style in match with it.

Step 4. Stay comfortable while wearing your trendy clothes. This doesn’t mean we one should keep in a boring style; it’s always good to keep the balance. Clothes you wear every morning should inspire you.

Step 5. At last, be original by adding to your style something of your own. Keep in mind that accessories like bags and shoes are of great importance to complete your wardrobe. Make sure that the items you choose are what you really want to wear, and that person wearing those clothes, it’s who you are, and not who you pretend to be.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How to Work Out With a Busy Schedule? Easy Tips

One spends a great deal of time on everyday work. Sometimes it seems to be impossible to combine work, family, and school with our workout plan. But it is not by chance that they say “if you really, really want something, you will do it.”
Even if you take one hour per day for your fitness, it would seem too much, as you have to run to school to take children, or the family is waiting for an evening dinner. With the 24 hours a day it is still difficult to seize an hour just to feel confident and healthy with the idea that you have fulfilled your duty towards your health and body. The article will help you to calm down and play a little game with your everyday activities. So, follow the tips below and get most of your fitness plan realized e your busy schedule.

Tip 1. When you finish work, do not hurry to drive home, or take the subway. Turn your way to work, and vice versa into jogging. Running is a good exercise, and it will save you money and keep you fit. What you need is to take all the important essential items with you, in a pack, and run back home. Don’t like running?  Take your bicycle to get to the office. Another alternative is to get off the public transport at least two stops earlier.

Tip 2. Sleep early, wake up early. If you work out early in the morning, before work or the main activities of the day, this way you cross out of your to do list he part which refers to your fitness. Do you find it difficult to wake up at early hours? It is possible to arrange your evening hours to sleep earlier and to wake up earlier in the morning. This way you avoid skipping your sleep hours so important for you. In an extreme case you may wear your workout clothes before sleeping, this will motivate you to get up and go for jogging right away.

Tip 3. Instead of spending those 60 minutes at work and having the lunch at your desk, just go out of the office to have a walk. Take a snack with you and stop in a park, or a street bench not to go back to work with an empty stomach. The statistics show that the working day is even productive with a break out of the office accompanied with a walk.

Tip 4. Do not wait time while waiting in a queue. It’s a perfect time for you to make some deep breathes, toe raises, and some simple stretches. Well, you think people will laugh at the sight of this? Yes, most probably, but who cares?

Tip 5. Avoid taking an elevator to go up your place or the office. Instead, climb the stairs with athletic steps. Try to climb the stairs as fast as possible within a minute and take more steps each time (the two at a time is the perfect choice). Make sure you are safe enough when adding the speed and the number of the stairs you climb.

In general, one may combine the day with at least forty minutes work out, by making use of some of the daily circumstances. For example, a man at the airport had to wait three hours for the next flight. The wise thing he did, was to go out to stretch and run.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Attire Tips for Men’s Interview

Most of the time the first impression on an employer is the visual one. One may have an impressive resume, reach in experience and qualifications, though the first judgments before the employer has a look at your resume, is how you prepared yourself to impress him or her, how responsible and serious is your approach to the job you want to get. Regardless of the environment you are going to work, it is important how professionally you choose your attire to be for a job interview.

What is the best attire for a job interview? First of all, you should keep in mind, that the candidate who is wearing his elegant suit will have a much better impression on the employer, than the one in his casual jeans and T-shirts.
It is important to find out the kind of company you are going to work. On this regard, we differentiated between professional interview image and less formal interview image. As mentioned above, the professional interview attire requires a suit, with all of its components; shirt with long sleeves, a tie, belt and shoes of dark color, dark socks. The solid color for a suit can be the gray one. The perfect shirt color with the gray suit is the white one, which is a perfect choice for a professional interview. Component accessories to the interview, like portfolio and briefcase give you the image of a person who knows what he wants and is ready for a higher job position. 

There are a number of ‘Don’ts’ one should follow to avoid failures; no jewelry is recommended during the interview. In case you feel like it is almost impossible for you take off the ring on your finger that you are wearing for more than ten years, it is still fine to have it; little jewelry will do no harm yet. But what about the piercing on your eyebrow? Or the big round piercing down in your ear’s pumped part? For you, your tongue or lip piercing may be perfect. Be sure that not all employers are fond of your favorite style accessories. Accordingly, for an hour or two, you have better to leave your small piercing friends at home, if you do not want to frighten the potential employer.

The same is with body tattoos. In an interview, especially the professional one, it is a must to cover any visible tattoos on your body. In this regard, long sleeve shirts are of great help. Button it till the end  of the neck, as well as the sleeves till the whistles. You may never know whether your conservative employer will find your tattoos to be stylish or will feel filthy while looking at them. 

Take care that you have removed even the tiny scruff on your face. Surely, it is fashionable nowadays to have it on the face, but during the interview the perfectly shaved face will give the impression of your being an accurate and responsible person.
Things like gum, cellphones, coffee or soda are to be avoided during any kind of interview. It is understandable that nowadays it is almost impossible to step out of the house without a cell phone. It’s simple; you take it with you and put it into mute mode (the vibration mode will cause you additional disturbance).

Even before they called you for an interview, it’s preferable to have all the important clothing for it. After you have everything on the side, keep your clothes ready the day before (this will save you time and help you to avoid being late). Make sure your clothes are clean, and the shoes are polished. Freshen your mouth and breathe with mint before entering the building.

Friday, March 21, 2014

5 Ways to Keep Hair from Getting Oily

Most often it can be a hard battle between us and the oily hair to get them free of grease. It is well-known that washing hair, not every day will make hair healthy. But what to when hair cannot survive without too much oil even a day? What you need to do the first, is to find out the reason of the grease on your hair. Before taking steps to deal with the problem, there are general things to know about oily scalp causes.

                                                     the photo by Carlo Sardena

The skin of the scalp produces sebum under the surface of our skin, which makes hair and skin elastic, shiny and smooth. This is a natural hair conditioner that the body produces to protect the skin from dirt and hair from falling out. The pores on the scalp of the scan are those small holes, from where the hair grows. Through those tiny holes, the body produces sebum, which sometimes can be too much leading to discomfort and undesirable consequences. There are a number of reasons causing too much sebum production; wrong care of the hair, usage of inappropriate hair products, diet, stress, and many more.
Regardless of the fact that the oil on the scalp comes out inside the body, and it’s  an inner problem to deal with, one should also treat it from the outside surface of the skin. So, these steps below are indicating some key ways to treat it.

1.       To balance the sebum production, you need to use dietary supplements like rosemary and sage. This will help to reduce the sebum production, with giving space for the body to promote. The volume helps to avoid greasy looking hair.

2.       Back in 1950s and 1960s, it was practical for many people to use beer for treating oily hair. The popularity of washing hair with beer decreased with the mass production of hair treating products. The advantage of washing hair with beer is that it’s a deep cleanser and helps the hair to grow and become thick. The alternative treatment can be the applying of a lemon juice.

3.       While choosing a shampoo product, the preference should be given to the ones that contain sulfates. Sulfates are good for deep cleansing. This kind of shampoos will help to cleanse the dirt from the hair and the skin  without removing the vital moisture which is important for the body.

4.       As an external treatment to avoid oily hair, can be the use of baking soda in your shampoo. You should apply the shampoo with the baking soda every three weeks.

5.       Nowadays, hairstyles like ponytails or chignons are a perfect match for this kind of hair. Moreover, you may slick back your hair, which is a trend in hair fashion nowadays.

Regardless of these hair treatment key methods above, each person may need individual treatment. One should check out different ways to find out the needs of the body and the way it should be treated. If none of them works, it’s recommended to turn to dermatologists.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How to Attract the Guy You Like: Easy Tips

If  you met that special one and you still keep back, it's high time to follow my tips and go forward to getting your crush. While some girls would limit themselves with a hopeful smile and wait for wonders to happen, the others would act right on the spot. For most of the time it's not that easy to take the initiative to act first, anyway. Accordingly, these are some tips to help you in attracting the guy you have a crush on.

  1. The body language is one of the important tricks to manifest while attracting the desired person. It may happen that, for some reason, we hide our interest toward the person, with a fear of being humiliated. First step is to put aside this thought and make your body language noticeable for him, like looking at him longer and paying a nice smile. This will make him think that you are interested in him, and why not, you like him. It is not by chance that 'like attracts like.'

2.  According to a Research at the University of Missouri, it is very important to have an eye contact if you want to have a crush on someone. The effect will be even better if the eye contact is accompanied with a nice smile. The experiment showed that a woman sitting at a cafe could have 25% of men to approach her in case when she guaranteed an eye contact with them. When she added a smile to it, more than 60 % of men approached her. This means that besides the makeup trick and tips you have applied, you should also apply your natural makeup which is the smile.

3. A study conducted reveals that for a woman to have success in attracting men, the best time for dating is the evening. In a dimly lit place, your eyes become dilated and attractive. Besides, women, girls who feel uncomfortable with their skin, it's quite reasonable to meet a guy in the evening, until the mission is not fulfilled.

4.  It's a common knowledge that someone smelling good seems to be attractive to the others subconsciously. Accordingly, you may apply one of your favorite perfume not only smell good, but also to stay unforgettable. Try to avoid a distinctive perfume smell, as it may have the opposite effect. It should be mild and neutral, as you are now aware of his preferences yet.

5. What is important of all, give space for him to express himself and talk about his life. This will show that you are interested in him indeed, and this will make him to be interested in you, as well.