Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why to Eat an Apple a Day?

“Eating an apple a day, will keep the doctor away” is one of the pieces of advice we get from childhood. It’s not said by chance as the consumption of apple ensures you a better nourished skin, helps to intake important nutrients like fiber and mineral potassium.

Apple has a number of health benefits due to its essential vitamins. The huge percentage of C vitamin in apples helps to make collagen, which is abundant in your skin. The deficiency of this collagen, a protein, will result in dismissal of your skin waterproof process, which will be followed by the opening of the old skin wounds and in a tearing skin.

Another important benefit from the apple consumption is that it’s a good source of copper. Copper is one of the essential minerals to ensure you a healthy skin. Melanin is produced in the body with the help of copper. Melanin is the brown or the black pigment giving the color of the skin. The production of melanin in the body protects the skin from the damage of the sun rays, the essential and natural sun protection before you apply any other sun-protection cream.

Vitamin A in apples is crucial for developing the immature skin into a mature one, as well as the vitamin A has an important role in turning the functional skin into a tissue.  According to research this vitamin can also reduce the risk of skin cancer. However, the study of this subject has still to improve apple’s importance to decrease the risk of skin cancer.

A huge number of health problems are caused by overweight; these are heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and many more. The diet rich in apples will help you to regulate your weight and ensure you a weightloss rich in fiber. The rich amount of fiber in the food will help you to lose weight without consuming too many calories.
Apples are a good source of antioxidants.  As a recent study suggests, minimizes the possibility for people, maintaining rich apple diet, to develop cataracts (from ten to fifteen percent).

To fight stresses it’s important for you to include fruits in your daily menu, and especially apples. As a source of quercetin, an antioxidant, apples are good for ensuring a strong immune system.

Chewing an apple will reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth. Surely, apples can hardly replace your toothbrush, but they will still stimulate the production of saliva in your in your mouth, by ensuring your oral health.         

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vegetarianism and the Vegetarian Society

Vegetarianism is one of the popular expressions in our modern life. It is the tradition of denying to eat the flesh of an animal to avoid the torture of animals and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The history of vegetarianism goes back to ancient times. The first reliable records of the philosophy and practice of it dates back to the 6th century; it was this time when the Greek philosopher and religious leader Pythagoras abstained from meat. Pythagoras was an independent thinker and was the first to accept women in his intellectual team. His ideas of vegetarianism were affected by earlier civilizations of Babylon and Egypt. The vegetarian philosophy in the ancient Egypt (3rd century BC) was to abstain from animal flesh and to deny wearing clothes of animal derivation. The reason behind it was the karmic beliefs and the notion of reincarnation.

 Nowadays there is a well-established organization called the Vegetarian Society. The organization is popular and well-respected in the world. As the oldest vegetarian organization, it was established in the middle of the 19th century, in the UK. The trigger for the movement to start was the health reform and the Industrial Revolution in the UK. Most people at the time found a solution to overcome the economic crisis by following simple vegetarian menu, which included then all vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. Throughout the history, most of the intellectual society was inclined to the idea of abstinence from flesh, as well as those who were concerned with social and religious issues.

The ear of modern vegetarianism is in its blossom. More and more adults are ordering food with less meat, instead ordering fresh salads, fruits, juice and greenie dishes. In 1985, it was estimated that nearly 9 million Americans had declared themselves to be vegetarians. The reasons why a huge number of people start to follow the ‘vegetarian diet.’ Accordingly, the causes can be following: religious beliefs, the animal liberation movement, the environmental damage by producing a high percentage of livestock, the possible world hunger, and one of the important ones – health reasons.

Vegetarianism is not something extraordinary or difficult to practice for the individuals, who are determined to follow their purpose and ideology of leading a meat-free lifestyle. It is believed that by the abstinence from the animal flesh will help you to avoid the negative energy that is transferred to you through the meat of an animal that suffered the pain and the horror of being killed.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday? Let us Turn it into a Successful Day

What is success? It is well-known that success is the hard work combined with talent. One cannot deny the role of ‘luck’ as well, which is meeting things at the right time and in the right place. The luck itself is available for all of us; the secret is to follow all the actions which will put us into a position where the luck is to happen. As far as we start our week with the ‘traditional unlucky Monday,’ in the article I am bringing forward a few tricks how make our weeks and Mondays successful ones.

1.       Take time for yourself. The way you start your Monday greatly depends how you have spent your weekend. It’s time to get detached from daily working mood and devote some time to relaxing, thinking and enjoying the state of doing nothing.

2.       Get your priority of the week scheduled. The successful start of the week, Monday, is to plan your possible priorities of the entire week. Most people hate Monday, is it is the beginning of the busy day; hence not all people are successful, as success comes with a busy schedule. Once you have fixed your top priorities of the week, try to accomplish them as much as possible. This is how you get to move forward.

3.       Cease extra time! “I would like the day to be 48 hours,” or “If the day had 48 hours it would not be still enough for me.” I am sure you have heard people saying this so often! Regardless of the time you need to wake up to go to work, try to do it even earlier. This will be an extra time, which you can use for your personal activities, like working out, meditating.

4.       Do not avoid checking the emails at the start of the week. This will help you to avoid the pile of emails to be answered, which will take you much time than if you did it in the beginning. So, take time to check them, to answer the important one, hence saving the extra time at the end of the week.
5.       It’s a common ‘perception’ to be in a bad mood on Mondays. To avoid this, just try to be grateful for everything you have. You can have some success in your career whether a big or a small one, there is success for which you should be grateful for. All successful people start their Mondays by being grateful for having started the day by going to work in order to create something new.

6.       Make your Mondays Cheerier by working out in the morning. You will think that there is a bunch of things to accomplish of the start of the day and there is no space for exercise. As contrary to this notion, I would add that the work out in the Monday morning will make you more concentrated and your body full of endorphin for the rest of the day.

7.       Start the week with an organized and a clean desk. Sometimes small things have a significant impact on your lives. When there is a pile of papers spread on the desk, with dirty cups on the edge of it, most probably this will be a source of inconvenience to you at the start of the week. Instead, what you need to do is to clean up your desk before you rush out from the office.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Choosing the Right Interior Color

The role of colors has been significant in our daily life. Most of the time our response to products is the result of our visual senses to colors. Have you felt uncomfortable in one place and another warm and appealing? Have you chosen an item of a particular color which was closer to the heart as compared with other items of the same product? 
It is accounted that the fifty percent of our reaction to any item or architectural product is determined by its color. This buzz over various colors is what we call color psychology. 
Color palettes may affect people physically and psychologically. However, one should focus upon the color palette of the home and the workplace, where we spent most of the time during the day.

It is acknowledged that depending on the color scheme; home interior can be either appealing or uneasy. Sometimes the cause of your discomfort and unhappiness at home can be the interior colors you have applied to the walls. The advantages of having the right colors of the interior are explained by the following:

The right color
•        Makes the places warmer
•        Gives you the feelings of well-being and good mood
•        Makes small places feel larger and gives the sense of freedom
•        Transform dark areas into bright ones
•        Gives romance and mystery to hidden corners
•        Energizes the aura in the room

But the best color is different from person to person. According to the design trend of ‘color psychology’ there are general perceptions of colors; green is supposed to be relaxing; red is an energizer at home, blue is calming, in case they are used with particular hues. Bright or electric green will be disturbing to the eye, hence causing discomfort instead of relaxation. The deep blue will cause you the feeling of cold, and the sharp red will transform its energetic power into the feeling of entrapment.
How to choose the right interior color  for your personal environment? The best way is to start with the questions you ask yourself followed by polling you and your family. By this, the half of the project on color choosing is done. 

Here are examples of the questions you should find answers before planning any interior color project:

•        What is its function? Who will be occupying the space? Is it private or community space?
•        Is it for social activities or for a peaceful space?
•        Is there landscape outside to match with the inner colors?
•        Is it light? How many windows are there? How do you want to feel inside?

The questions are not limited to those mentioned above. Find more of them to answer, and you will be led to your perfect interior color.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spending Your Money Wisely

Have you experienced the disappointment when it’s time for spending on something really important? Most of the time we get into situations when we are tight on budget, when there is nothing else to do, but borrow money, in case if it possible. Having an exotic vacation, spending money on children’s education, and many more, are those emergency expenditures which should keep you alert to have your budget saved and spent in a wise way.  Accordingly, the article is touching upon simple ways how to get most of your earnings.

1.       Take a notebook for writing down your monthly expenses. Sometimes we lose the track of how and where we spend money. For one month, at least, try to note all your spendings in the notebook which will help you to figure out the amount of money you spent on certain things. This way it will be possible for you to check visually where you could be more careful and could skip the unwanted spending.

2.       A good practice before you have decided to make a certain expenditure, is to ask yourself the following;
How badly you need it?
How useful is it for that moment?
Will it bring some value in your life?
Does it worth its price?
While answering to those questions, try to be honest with yourself and get the maximum assertive answers.

3.       The reasonable step is to make a research before you buy anything higher than $300. Most of the companies have their prices set, and the data fixed in their websites, so that it is not a big deal to check and compare prices and qualities of the products with that of yours you intend to buy.

4.       Think about the items you spent money on most. Make the list of them and try to think about ways to cut short the amount of money spent on it.

5.       Clothing are items we spend a great deal of money on, which can be regulated with a smart approach. Have a tour in your closet, find out what you need and give away the stuff that has been laying in it for several years. Check out items that get worn out fast (like socks, tops) and items that can last even years. Accordingly, you should spend more money on the items that get worn out easily, and spend less money on items like jeans, bags, etc.

6.       Make dinner packs to take to work. It’s well acknowledged that eating out is way more expensive than cooking at home. Each time you save money by taking a lunch pack to work. By this two, or three times a month you will have the opportunity to grant you with a nice evening dinner with your loved ones. To have your smart list of shopping, you will need to check the local grocery offers and prices and match it with your shopping list and the budget.

The tricks on spending your money in a smart way can be numerous; it is you who should get to know your shopping habits and make steps to change them to benefit most of your expenditure.  


Friday, April 11, 2014

Small Changes Will Bring Bliss to Your Life

One of the common mistakes people make while trying to find bliss in their lives is running after something big, like buying the latest fashionable car; certainly this is a major bliss. But you should keep in mind that small things, you change in your life will be as joyful as the cruise in the Maldives.  This is something I experienced in my life about which I am willing to share with you. Accordingly, the article illustrates some of those valuable tiny changes which will bring major bliss in your life.

Get Enough Sleep
One of the factors contributing to your happiness level is getting enough sleep. When we are tired the body produces too much cortisol which causes stress and bad mood. Normally, one needs to get from six to seven hours sleep. If you can go for eight, it’s the perfect solution.

Go For Hugs
It may seem to be funny, but the physical touch will make you to be at ease, to exchange energy with someone you like or love. Waking up in the morning, hug your partner; believe it that this will bright the day for both of you. Single? Rely on friends; hug them at least once a day.

Express Gratefulness
Bring a little bit of joy to your life by writing down on a piece of paper things you are grateful to have in your life; this can be the job you have for the moment, or the many friends by your side. Moreover, want more fun? Write a gratefulness letter to a friend of yours whom you cherish for being by your side for so many years. Their joy will be transferred to you that will make you blissful in turn.

Take an Hour Off Technology
It is proved that cellphones are a source of distress for people; every moment we are alert to check an email or a Facebook message. Take one hour off from this distressing habit to feel good and relaxed. Fix a certain hour during the day to be your free technology hour.

Compliment Yourself
If you are hard on you, this is not the best treatment for you. Have you ever compared how you treat yourself and how you treat your friends? Certainly, your friends get a better attitude from. Accordingly, treat yourself the way you treat your friends. You did your task perfectly; it’s time to get your own compliment. This is one of the most important factors adding your bliss.

Take Your Time to Do Nothing
The ‘nothing’ seems to be not that attractive when you have got so much stuff to do during the day. Take some thirty minutes during the day, when you have nothing planned to do. This will reduce your stress and level up your joy and happiness.



Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Women Hate about All Men

This time we are going to find out things that women dislike about men. This list is abundant with the annoying habits that men have; it’s not only about pointing out some of those habits, but also letting you know that it’s possible to change those habits by keeping your relationship in a good phase. Most of the time men do not understand that they could make a little effort to come into terms with their beloved ones by means of cooperation. There are common personality features in men that attract women excessively. Let us find out some types of guys that women avoid in general.

  1.       Women avoid the predictable guy. It is when women know what will be his reaction at a particular moment or his reaction to everything in general. This is the guy who lives in his standards of being ordinary; that is nothing surprising is going to happen in a relationship with him. Perhaps, this is the reason why most women run to those ‘bad’ guys. This notion of a bad guy is explained, not by their bad behavior or their bad habits, but by the fact, that they are unpredictable; hence they are interesting. 

2.       Too much emotions are a lack of confidence in man. Each time he wants to reassure himself concerning the relationship and his being good, make a woman realize his insecurities. Dear men, confidence and independence, are one of those main tools for you to attract your opposite gender.

3.       The egoist and arrogant guy overestimates his self-importance. Most of the time this guy is into himself, not into the girl or the relationship. It’s not by chance that  sometimes women say “In our relationship both of us are in love with him.” Arrogant guys tend to be rude to the others; so if you find that you are this kind  of man it’s time to change your attitude. Women watch how men treat others, even if they treat their girl as a princess. 

4.       Sometimes men want to show how appealing they are by flirting with others and watching all the passing chicks in the presence of their women. By this, your girl will not get the true intention of yours; instead, she will feel disrespected from your side. The chances are zero when it’s your first date with her, and you behave like this. The chances are fading if you are in a relationship already.

5.       Generosity in a person, regardless of gender, is appealing in general.  If a guy acts the cheap guy from the first date, it’s going to be a failure for the future relationship. Your budget shortage is not that interesting at that moment when she is more up to finding out your personality; do not give her the idea of spending her life on a shortage of pennies. Be carefree as much as possible, at least, when it’s your first date.

6.       Arguments are not pleasant in any kind of relationship. The person having curiosity and debating manner appears to be interesting, but when it goes to be a part of his nature it becomes unbearable for the woman. All he does is arguing and complaining. This way the woman gets into her self-defending mode not to become a victim of your criticism. To avoid this, you should make her days more pleasant and relaxing, by putting aside your habit of an arguer.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Things Men hate about Women

It is not a surprise that there are some points in women’s behavior that men hate; here speaks the differences between men and women. Most often these differences come to be the main triggers in good or bad relationships. The important thing is to stop for a moment and have a reality check. The right time we do the check, the sooner we get rid of the things that upset us in our relationship. Accordingly, the article goes further to illustrate some of the main things that men dislike about women.

1.       Give him space to breathe. It’s always amazing to do everything with your loved one; to go shopping, to exercise or hang out with the friends in common. However, one thing you should take into consideration, that every single of us needs his/her spare time to be on his own. You want to be always in contact, in each of the activities your man takes forgetting about his individual life and preferences. It shouldn’t be an offense from your side, when he takes some time on his own for self-development which can be a hobby he is into, or the book he wants to read so badly. It’s a perfect time for the both of you to get to know something new, to share with opinions and experience all the amazement towards each other.

2.       Avoid talking too much!  It’s understandable that your partner is the one you want to talk to most ad share with everything you think. One should be careful not to overtalk and express the emotions so excessively. Certainly, this doesn’t mean that you should feel stressed upon what to talk, how to talk; it is about feeling the moment whether it is worthy do devote us to our emotions and laugh aloud when we see that he is somehow irritated. Make your speech meaningful, or make the silence significant.

3.       Too much communication is getting on his nerves. Most of the time one witnesses arguments like “Aren’t you interested in me?  You haven’t called me for an hour!”, or “ I just sent you a message. Are you going to answer I at all?” It is not necessary to let him know about each step you take in your daily life like what you do at that moment, what you are going to buy at the shop, etc. Be understandable, especially when you know that he is up to something important and can’t answer your call or the message right away. Give space for him to miss you.

4.       Trust him. Don’t act a spy around; checking his Facebook, messages and e-mails are not good behavior towards the guy who loves you. Any of us needs his or her private space. Be a friend of him, not the jealous girl who checks and sweeps away everything from her partner’s life that does not relate to her.  If you search for something criminal, then be ready to find it. But Why to go after the bad? Instead, keep in mind that he loves you, and it’s what matters.

5.       Manifest good manners and occupy yourself with your self-development. No matter how beautiful you are to the eye, or how fashionably you wear your style, if you lack simple manners of communicating with  people, this can be a huge challenge for your relationship. Men most of the time prefer women that have their hobbies, devote some time to reading their favorite books or enhancing their knowledge in a particular sphere. The opposite will result in putting the end of the relationship by the guy; that’s why relationships with lightheaded girls is only a matter of time.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Foods Ensuring Your Healthy Skin

If you are tired of using numerous beauty products to keep your skin healthy and youthful, then it’s the high time to turn to the natural way of getting the same result. A number of foods if applied in your everyday menu will enhance the quality and glow of your skin as it is in the case of using beauty products. The only difference is that by choosing the option of adding good foods  for the skin in your menu, you take up the natural way of getting your desired result. The option of using beauty products may have the same effect; thus they will cost you a great deal of money.So, follow up the article and find out the foods which are good for taking care of your skin in a natural way.

In general, green food is a perfect nutrition for health and youthful body. One of the most essential things for the skin is to keep it rich in antioxidants. Spinach is an excellent source of antioxidants like Vitamin C, E and Vitamin A. Another reason to include spinach in your daily diet is that, spinach contains a considerable amount of iron, magnesium, protein, folate and many other essential vitamins.

To keep your wrinkles away, you should add more seeds to your daily menu. Seeds are an excellent source of protein, selenium, magnesium and Vitamin E. Seeds containing aforementioned organic compounds are the seeds of pumpkin, sunflower, hemp, chia and flex. It’s simple and quick to dress your salad with the seeds of sprinkle which also tastes good in the mouth. The same may be applied with yogurt and your favorite smoothie.

Fruits have been the inseparable part of a healthy diet. In the case of a healthy skin fruits make wonders, as well. Papaya is a good choice in this regard, as it contains low calories and nearly has no cholesterol inside. If you are on a diet and want to lose weight, this fruit is a must to be included in your diet food, as it has a significant number of nutritional benefits. The containing Vitamins in the fruit are Vitamin C and E. The Vitamin C is a perfect way of combating the damage from the sun.

Carrots are good for health in many ways. Besides their good effects for the eyes, carrots ensure the protection of the outer layer of your skin. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A; this is a perfect way of avoiding the risk of obtaining skin cancer. A cup of carrot juice in your daily diet is a perfect way to keep your skin healthy and youthful. Carrots are perfect when added to your favorite snack.

In conclusion, to ensure your healthy skin, you should avoid junk food, carbs, too much sugar.   

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Recommendations on Choosing the Right Lipstick Color

Lipstick in general is a comprehensive part of a makeup. Even if we lack time to look as distinct and attractive as we would like to be in the everyday hustle and bustle, the best choice of a lipstick palette will be of great help to us. Not only your style determines the colors of your lipstick, but also the occasion for which you are going to apply it. Another important thing  you should be aware of while choosing your lipstick color is the tone of your skin. Accordingly, depending on your skin tone, the style you prefer  and the occasion you are going to put the lipstick on, determine the kind and color of the lipstick that you should apply on. 

The article stresses on how to determine your skin tone, as well as how to choose the best lipstick when you are already aware of your skin tone.
If your skin has a tone of more yellow or orange, it means that it belongs to the warm type of the skin. The skin, tending to have redness or pink coloring is more of a cold (cool) tone of the skin. To find out your skin tone you may try the following:

•        Try out silver or gold jewellery; if your skin is of warm tone the gold jewelry will lighten up the whole of appearance. In case you feel like your glow has gone with the gold color of the jewellery, it means your skin tone is more of a cool one.

•        Check out the inside of your arms. Do you see your veins distinctly blue? Then, undoubtedly, your skin has a cool tone.

Once you have determined the tone of your skin, the next step out in search of a lipstick in accordance with your tone. But before you have made your beauty expenditure, take into consideration the appropriate lipstick colors that suit the tone of your skin. Lipstick colors like brown, cappuccino, caramel having bronze or gold patterns inside, are suitable for warm skin tone which is significant for its yellow or orange glow. For the cool tone of skin different spectrums of a blue toned pink or red are suitable. 

Not to make your beauty expenditure a wastage, try on the lipstick you are going to buy. This way you will clearly see whether it suits with your skin tone or not. Besides, by applying it on, you will find out the texture of the lipstick whether it’s sheer or matte, shimmery, etc. If you tend to try the lipstick color on your hand,then it will be better if you put it on your fingertip pads, as they are closer to the lip color.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to Create Positive Energy Within You

The last article was explaining the existence of energy on the earth and within us, which can be positive or negative. We also learned how these two energies may affect the environment, people, or the world itself. In this article, we are going to find out strategies, how to keep the positive within us, or how to change the negative energy into a positive one.

The best one can do is to be aware of this energy and to be willing to change it. Most often emotions are those tools with which we set free our negative energy. So, people who tend to express bad words, thoughts, despair, are those who consume bad negative energy. Instead, one should keep in mind, that it is possible to regulate your own energy and to bring out the good within you. Follow the steps below and connect with the flow of life.

Step 1. Accept yourself the way you are at the moment. Write down on a piece of paper all the good qualities you have and start loving yourself for that. Once you are in harmony with your nature wonders are going to happen and a new positive phase in your life is on the way to happen.

Step 2. Put aside all the resentment and despair from the past. The past is gone, what you have is now. Blaming yourself for the actions in the past will be of no good, when what you have is now. A new day is a new beginning.

Step 3. Do not poison yourself by judging others for their actions. Do not control others, as time is valuable to live your own life. It is not by chance that they say ‘live and let live.’

Step 4. Do not concentrate on what is negative; this will take off all of the positive within you, hence attracting the bad to happen in your life. This way you will save up your energy for attracting good things in your life.

Step 5. See things from a positive perspective. The first thought you have about a certain thing should evoke the positive visualization of what is waiting for you.

Step 6. Be grateful for everything you have in your life; for the health of your family, or for the job you have right now. Make a list of the things you are grateful for and read it from time to time to remind yourself of the blessings God granted you.

Step 7. Believe in yourself that whatever you do is going to work out. Develop the inner sense that you have the power of self-healing. This power flows from your positive thoughts, so keep them positive for your own good.

Step 8. ‘Love life, and life will love you.’ Be happy and grateful for all the small blessings in your life, by loving yourself and the others. Make happiness your number one companion. This state of mind strengthens your immune system and allows your body to heal itself.

Step 9. Laugh, laugh and laugh! Find out what makes you laugh; this can be a funny film or a TV program which will grant you moments of happiness taking out the negativity within yourself. It is not by chance that smiling for four minutes a day will improve your health arousing positive feelings.

The steps above are not to be read one time and passed over. You should keep applying them in your everyday life. The shadow of disappointment shouldn’t cover your inner world if you failed to realize one or two steps. Keep working hard to achieve what you want, which will give you a sense of self-confidence as you managed to do something that turned your life energy to a positive path.