Tuesday, June 24, 2014

World’s Top 4 Wealthiest People

1. Microsoft Founder Bill Gates (Worth $76 B)

 Bill Gates, the former executive and chairman of Microsoft, the largest personal-computer software company, is ranked by Forbes as the world’s wealthiest man in 2014. He was one of those businessmen who saw the potential in PCs, and, why not, the first individual who passionately believed in the system that allowed him to build Microsoft into a $400 billion behemoth. According to Bill Gates, “capitalism has worked very well.” For those who are able to write software, can do a good investing in stocks, and have luck as well, it’s a good opportunity to earn a huge deal of money. Those who do not like the capitalistic system, he suggests to go to North Korea.

2. Carlos Slim Helu (Worth: $72 B)

Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican investor, businessman, holding a huge number of Mexican companies through his conglomerate, Grupo Carso, as well as he has got interests in the fields of communications, airlines, real estates, technology and finance. As the price of gold and copper has fallen, the shares of his mining company (Minera Frisco) went down to fifty percent. Till giving up being the wealthiest person in the world in 2014, Carlos Slim Helu held this rank for four years (including 2013).

3. Amancio Ortega (Worth: $64 B)

The retail magnate Amancio Ortega Gaona is famous for holding the chain of popular fashion brand and clothing Zara. He is the founding chairman of the Inditex fashion group as well. Forbes ranked him as the world’s fourth richest person in the world with $64 Billion. The Spanish fashion magnate Amancio Ortega resides in Spain, with his second wife. Amancio’s father was a railway worker. He started as a gofer in a shirt store and after quitting this job he started to make dressings ad lingerie in his living room with his wife. Now he owns 26 buildings and skyscrapers in London, New York, Madrid.

4. Warren Buffett (Worth: $58 B)

Considered as the most successful investor of the 20th century, Warren Buffett in his 9 decade has been consistently ranked among the world’s richest people. The American magnate, investor and businessman Warren Buffett is the chairman, CEO and the largest shareholder, American conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway and was ranked as the world’s richest person in 2008.In 2012 he was names by the “Times” as one of the influential people in the world. Alongside with his fortune, Buffett is a well-known philanthropist and has the pledge of giving away the 99 percent of his fortune to this cause, via Gates Foundation.

Monday, June 16, 2014

What is the Right Time to Have a Baby?

What is the best time to have a baby?

There is no right time to become a mum.
In the modern world of opportunities and plans to be fulfilled, there is  the ongoing question amongst women about ‘when is the best time to have a baby.’ Career, goals, plans to be fulfilled. When we see the episodes in films when a girl taking the pregnancy test, she either gets happy or bursts into tears. It’s either black, or white. In real life, it’s more complicated.

Statistics show that most women are having babies at their late 30ies, when they are both financially supportive and have their goals fulfilled in life. A close friend of mine was 28 and she had doubts whether to have a baby or not, in case when she was in a stable relationship. All the things she worried about was the financial difficulties she was going to face with her partner. When couples are supportive enough and yet ponder upon how they are going to raise the baby, it’s can be all about fears of losing your own life as far as your goals are not fulfilled yet.

Most women nowadays put their careers before motherhood. I have been discussing this issue with women in their early and late thirties who definitely agreed with me that the ‘fertility time-headline bombs’ are spooky. There was a girl who had gotten married, but the husband yet worries about having babies as the coming party season in Ibiza is waiting for them. Another has been trying to get pregnant for two years and is going to try IVF.

The surveys in recent years have shown that some women take up 5 years to think on motherhood, with a third aiming on career goals, others saving money and owning their own property. The striking thing is that in many websites life goals before motherhood are compared with those wishes before one dies. There is the sense that we need to build up our house of life – once 18 it’s time to travel to all of the continents, to experience adventure and craziness before it’s time to take the plunge.

So, when it’s the best time to have a baby? Is it really possible to plan and control this aspect of our life?

The average of women giving birth is now a year older than it was a decade ago; in 2010 it was 29 and in 2000 it was 28. The number of abortions in women between 30-34 increased to 10% between 2009 and 2011. The tendency is that nowadays women prefer to have a baby in their late 30s.
The biological reality is striking. According to Dr Magdy Asaad, women  should have babies until 35 years old, and definitely by 37. She says, that after 35 it becomes much more difficult, as the number and quality of eggs is reduced.Life expectancy for women has increased to 80-85 years, that’s why it’s difficult for women, as 40-years-old women still feel young. But it’s something different with your ovaries.  So, if circumstances allow, you should have babies in your late 20s or late 30s. Is the timing for having a baby really right? In conclusion, I would add that there is no perfect time to become a mum. Of course, the circumstances can be that you are not in a right relationship, you don’t have a good job and lack enough experience, but one thing is obvious that you won’t  always have the possibility to get pregnant.
If your financial and love relationship is supportive enough, and, most important of all, you are ready to take care of a new creature in your life, then it’s the high time to go for it.


Friday, June 13, 2014

The Wisdom of Keeping Couple Relationships Alive

Seeking for Solutions to Save a Relationship? Get your love back on track.

Lack of communication is a huge problem
between couples...
It’s rare that couples continue their relationship without ups and downs. The couple just wins if both of them can feel the existence of a problem and start building a better relationship by erasing the errors from the way. This will help the couples to bring back the love and affection, the relationship intimacy they had before the problems came forward.

The caring and successful couples know that all relationships have their ups and downs. It depends on the couple, on how efficiently they can handle the ups and downs in the relationship by keeping their love life and marriage going on. Some couples turn to family therapists to discuss and learn how to deal with everyday problematic relationship issues. Others rely on self-help books and articles, attend seminars or observe other successful couples. Regardless of the method you choose for handling the problem in your relationship, it is vital that you take a step towards a solution. In the article, you will find a few of the outstanding relationship issues between couples together with strategies to resolve those issues. 

Relationship Problem: Communication

One of the hot issues and problems between couples is the lack of communication. It’s not possible to communicate when you are watching TV or  googling in your BlackBerry. If couples do not interact enough in the sequence of time, there will appear an undesired gap between the two individuals. To avoid it, here are a few strategies to keep the communication alive between your partner and you:  
·        Make an actual appointment with each other, not just meeting when it’s a  break time or  you are just on the same path to do shopping. If you live together, put the cell-phones on vibrate and try to figure out a topic to discuss with your partner.
·        If you can’t communicate with a low voice, then go to some public place, like a public library, a restaurant where you will be embarrassed by hearing your own screaming voice while communicating.
·        Once the rules are set up in the relationship, the relationship is much organized and free of conflicts. One of those rules between couples in communication should be not to interrupt each other, and also, to avoid expressions like “you always…”, “you never…”
·        The sense of mutual respect is vital in a successful relationship. Respect should be expressed between couples in all the circumstances of life, whether they are facing seemingly unresolved issues or just daily misunderstanding.

The above mentioned is just one of the thousands of stumbles in relationships between couples. It is important for both of them to determine the existing problems and start building relationship from the start.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Your Health Benefits With Swimming

Swimming is a healthy and active exercise regardless of age. It’s an all-round exercise which trains the whole of your body. Your health benefits with swimming will be valuable if you swim on a regular scale.

The three important swimming benefits are that it helps to avoid heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It’s a perfect way of boosting your mood and keeping your weight under control.

In case you can’t swim, you should know that you are missing a lifelong skill that is capable of saving a life. It’s never late to learn something you would like to do, and, especially swimming. There are swimming classes for different age groups, lessons for children and women that various pools can offer.
The information below will help the beginners to take a step to benefit better health with swimming and stick with it.

Swimming helps to avoid heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

Before you begin

In general, swimming is a safe way of exercise, but if you have worries concerning your health condition, see your GP before to start.
It’s possible that the first lessons in the water will cause you panic and fear of water, which is more than natural in your case. If you are afraid of the deep ends of the pool, you should know that you won’t be necessarily swimming in the deep parts. You will need to build confidence in the water and try to enjoy your movements in the water (though it is recommended to have a trainer as you are a beginner).
To contribute your comfort, choose a suitable  swimwear for you, which will reduce a considerable part of your anxiety as a beginner.

Starting out

Check the nearby local pools and ask for conditions. There are pools offering lessons only for adult beginners, different schedules, women-only swimming sessions and classes for different groups and levels. 
If you are not sure to start your lesson, ask for attending a swimming class or talking to one of the teachers. This will give you a better idea what will your lesson look like.
As it’s the start, you can do your moderate aerobic activity at the pool for thirty minutes. You should continue this thirty minutes’ exercise at least for one week. Take into consideration that even a small change which can be the confidence you have developed with you to stay in the water for thirty minutes, is something to continue with to get the best of the swimming benefits.

Getting Motivated

Each person can find his or her individual way to get motivated to do something. What the article offers, is to fix your swimming hours, which can be before or after work hours, and, perhaps during the weekend. The important thing is to make it a habit. Buy for you a year-round pool pass and it will be the perfect motivation for you to attend a pool regularly. 


Monday, June 2, 2014

The Importance of Chlorophyll in Daily Diet

 The importance of chlorophyll in the body is distinguished with a number of ways. It is known that chlorophyll is the green element that helps to clean the body from toxins. Its role is also important in ensuring a strong immune system that fights infections. It is recommended to have a regular intake of chlorophyll to keep your digestive and circulatory systems in a healthy mode. Nutritional supplements having natural origin, contain a huge amount of chlorophyll, because of its benefits to the body. Accordingly, this magic substance called chlorophyll is a perfect way to cleanse, purify and heal most parts of the damaged body.

 It goes beyond saying that there are numerous ways to keep our body healthy. Chlorophyll is included in one of those substances  keeping the different systems of the human body healthy and strong. Keep reading how chlorophyll benefits to health in so many ways.

There is nothing more natural than trying to protect the body from any harm, and ensuring all the important ways to keep it healthy and fit. It’s all the same with plants. As a hemoglobin is the vital component of the body, keeping it fit and healthy, it is similar to the plants, as chlorophyll is the substance that ensures health and is a source of food and energy for them. Accordingly, chlorophyll is the blood of plants.

Moreover, chlorophyll helps to regulate the sugar level in the body, which is the reason why ideologists give a great credit to consuming dark leaf plants (and not only) to be included in the daily diet. With its power to regulate sugar levels in the body, chlorophyll makes it easy to lose weight, as well as to keep fit. Another healing feature of the chlorophyll is that it helps to control blood pressure.

Besides its medical value, chlorophyll is also rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, it controls and keeps fit the amount of calcium in the blood that is essential for women.

As mentioned the some of the benefits of consuming chlorophyll, it is important to know that chlorophyll helps to increase the amount of blood cells, which are the providers of oxygen to all the body. By its power of detoxification, chlorophyll ensures us a strong immune system and accordingly, a healthier body.